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Sun Ray 100 Thin Client

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Sun Ray 100 Thin Client The Sun Ray[tm] 100 thin client's main functions are to process all input and output for the user and to manage communication with the shared Sun Ray server. The Sun Ray 100 provides an all-in-one design by integrating Sun Ray functionality with a 17-inch CRT display.


  • Key Applications:
    Sun Ray[tm] thin clients provide users with access to applications running on multiple platforms, including the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment, Java[tm] technology, other UNIX® platforms, and Microsoft NT 4.0 TSE (via interoperability software), as well as mainframe environments.

  • Key Specifications:
    • 24-bit graphics supporting resolutions up to 1280 x 1024
    • CD-quality audio I/O, microphone, and headphone jacks
    • Integrated 17-inch CRT monitor

  • Key Benefits:
    • Delivers server-class performance to the desktop
    • Never requires upgrading
    • Provides access to applications running on multiple platforms
    • All-in-one design for a smaller footprint on the desktop

  • Key Audiences:
    • Education
    • Customer resource management (CRM)
    • Technical/electronic design automation (EDA)
    • Virtually any industry where users would benefit from server-class performance on the desktop, without ever having to upgrade

  • Requirements:
    • Sun Ray Server Software
    • Solaris[tm] 2.6 Operating Environment or later
    • Sun server based on the UltraSPARC[tm] processor

Sun Ray 100 Thin Client Specifications

Standard Interfaces
Network Dedicated 10/100BASE-T connection required between each Sun Ray[tm] thin client and the server running the Sun Ray Server Software
Peripheral Four powered USB ports
Input Devices
  Type 6 USB keyboard
  USB mouse
  Smart card reader
  SunMicrophone[tm] II (optional)
  SunCamera[tm] (optional, no I/O card required)
24-bit graphics 17-inch diagonal shadowmask CRT display with 1280 x 1024 at 75 Hz, .26 dot pitch
Audio CD-quality audio I/O, microphone, and headphone jacks
Video input NTSC/PAL, RCA connector
Power management Energy Star compliant
Smart card reader ISO-7816 compliant
Dimensions and Weights
Height 468 mm
Width 417 mm
Depth 450 mm
Weight 17 kg
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