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On Queue Computer - About Us

We at On Queue Computer provide sales and rental options of refurbished Hewlett Packard Workstations, Servers, Components and Accessories. On Queue Computer has been supporting our customers with older equipment that is no longer supported by Hewlett Packard, specializing in workstations, servers and peripherals.

On Queue Computer, Inc. is operated by technical experts. Every person on our technical team is experienced wth the latest technology. We use a variety of statistical tools to eliminate defects and control variability. This process guarantees the highest level of quality in every product we sell.

On Queue runs to 9002 standards. We have earned the Certificate of Recognition from the I.E.E.E. Environment Health and Safety Committee. We have been given the highest rating from some of the largest computer manufacturers in the world for providing on time, cost-effective and reliable products.

On Queue Computer... the technical experts for Hewlett Packard Systems.

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