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HP RP7410 Server (A9914A, A9915A, A9916A, A9917A)

The HP RP7410 Server provides an extrememly robust computing environment to ensure dependable operation. With up to eight HP PA-RISC processors, this Server can handle even the most demanding workloads. It offers the most comprehensive set of mid-range, high-availability features in the market, including a robust design, automatic monitoring and fault correction, and redundant components to avoid system downtime. And to top it off, the RP7410 Server is the only eight-way server to be fully certified by the Uptime Institute for fault-tolerant power compliance.

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HP RP7410 Server

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HP RP7410 Product Features

  • 2 to 8 PA-RISC CPUs - PA-8700 (750 MHz) - PA-8700+ (875 MHz)
  • 1 to 2 cell boards (each cell supports: 2 or 4 CPUs and 1GB to 16GB memory)
  • 1 to 64GB of main memory
  • up to 2 hardware partitions (nPars)
  • up to 8 virtual partitions (vPars)
  • hp-ux workload management (WLM) software
  • 15 PCI hot-plug I/O card slots and 2 core I/Os
  • 8.5GB/s aggregate PCI slot bandwidth
  • 4 internal hot-plug disk bays and 1 internal removable media bay (DVD or DAT)
  • 2 hot-swap, redundant power supplies
  • 2 or 4 power cords (2 minimum, 4 for use with 2 electrical grids)
  • hot-swap, redundant cooling fans
  • enterprise-proven HP-UX 11i operating environments