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HP XP P9500 Storage Solutions

HP XP P9500 Storage

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HP XP P9500 Storage Technical specifications

Total Drives
2048 SFF SAS Drives - The XP P9500 hardware consists of one or two DKC racks that will hold up to 256 drives each. Each DKC rack can attach to one or two optional DKU racks that each holds up to 384 drives.
Drive and media types
  • 300 GB 6G 15K SFF dual-port SAS
  • 600 GB 6G 10K SFF dual-port SAS
  • 900 GB 6G 10K SFF dual-port SAS
  • 1 TB 6G 7.2K SFF dual-port SAS
  • 1.2 TB 6G 10K SFF dual-port SAS
  • 200 GB SSD
  • 400 GB SSD
  • 800 GB SSD
  • 1.6 TB Flash Module
  • 3.2 TB Flash Module
Maximum frames (cabinets)
1 - 6
  • 575 GB - 2 PB raw
  • 287 GB - 1.76 PB usable
  • 255 PB connected through external storage
  • 2 PB Maximum supported
Host interface
  • 8 Gb Fibre Channel (160) ports or,
  • 8 Gb FICON (160) ports or,
  • 10 Gb FCoE (80) ports supported
  • 16 GB - 1 TB
  • 1 TB Maximum supported
Supported operating systems
  • HP NonStop
  • Linux Mainframe
  • Microsoft Windows
  • SUN Solaris
  • VMware
RAID support
  • RAID 1 (2D + 2D)
  • RAID 1 (4D + 4D)
  • RAID 5 (3D + 1P)
  • RAID 5 (7D + 1P)
  • RAID 5 (14D + 2P)
  • RAID 5 (28D + 4P)
  • RAID 6 (6D + 2P)
Maximum number of Logical Devices (LDEVs)
Physical Dimensions - DKC Rack
24.0 x 45.1 x 79.0 in (61.0 x 114.5 x 200.6 cm) Max Weight 1740 lb (789 kg)
Physical Dimensions - DKU Rack
23.6 x 45.1 x 79.0 in (60.0 x 114.5 x 200.6 cm) Max Weight 1568 lb (711 kg)

HP XP P9000 Software

HP XP P9000 Array Manager
The HP XP P9000 Array Manager software provides Web-based access control, volume management, performance control, and data security for the XP P9500 Storage. Configure and manage all host access to the XP P9500 Storage so that you have efficient access to your data. Configure and manage data volumes for most effective use of your XP P9500 Storage. Partition array resources to isolate applications and reserve cache memory for your most frequently-accessed data. Create read-only volumes for archiving and data retention, and securely delete data when necessary.
HP XP P9000 Thin Provisioning
The HP XP P9000 Thin Provisioning software allows you to supply disk storage capacity to your applications from a pool of virtualized storage. By enabling you to allocate your anticipated future storage capacity needs from virtual disk storage, P9000 Thin Provisioning software reduces the amount of physical disk capacity initially required. As utilization of physical disk space increases over time, you can purchase more disk capacity as needed, and install it without affecting your applications. Put an end to the guesswork around capacity planning and reduce the cost of volume management.
HP XP P9000 External Storage
HP XP P9000 External Storage software decreases the stress and cost of owning heterogeneous data storage by simplifying and centralizing common SAN management tasks though storage virtualization. In addition, it simplifies movement of data between dissimilar arrays. XP P9000 External Storage software provides these benefits by giving storage administrators the ability to access, monitor, and manage data residing on a variety of different disk arrays as if all of the data were residing on the XP P9500 Storage.
HP XP P9000 Command View Advanced Edition
HP XP P9000 Command View Advanced Edition (AE) software is a full-featured XP P9500 device manager, incorporating disk array management, configuration, and monitoring. It supports the HP Storage Essentials suite of products. XP P9000 Command View AE monitors storage resources quickly and easily. It automates storage management processes, delivering more efficient utilization and control across distributed enterprise storage. Easy access is provided to the XP P9500 Remote Web Console, which can be launched from the GUI.
HP XP P9000 Business Copy
HP XP P9000 Business Copy software is a local replication solution that provides data copies within a single XP P9500, or in storage systems attached to the XP P9500 as external storage. The XP P9000 Business Copy software uses array-based mirror and snapshot technologies that do not interfere with host-level operations, allowing you to spend your time conducting business rather than worrying about how backup and testing operations will impact your systems.
HP XP P9000 Continuous Access Synchronous
HP XP P9000 Continuous Access Synchronous software provides high-availability data and disaster recovery solutions that deliver host-independent, real-time, synchronous remote data mirroring between HP XP P9500 Storage and other XP disk arrays. With seamless integration into a full spectrum of remote mirroring-based solutions, this product can be deployed in solutions ranging from data migration to high-availability server clustering.
HP XP P9000 Smart Tiers
HP XP P9000 Smart Tiers software improves storage performance, decreases response times, and controls costs by transparently migrating data to appropriate storage tiers within the XP P9500. The most frequently used data is moved to the highest performance, most expensive media type, insuring maximum utilization of more expensive disks, SSDs or XP Flash Modules. Data is monitored and migrated to a different tier online based on policies set by the user.
HP XP P9000 Performance Advisor
HP XP P9000 Performance Advisor software is a Web-based application for collecting, monitoring, and displaying the real-time performance of your XP P9500. With P9000 Performance Advisor software, you choose the time and duration of performance data collection—so you can identify activities that significantly impact your disk array and tune the array accordingly. You can easily monitor storage performance and display usage statistics for the XP P9500 at any level, from a complete system overview down to individual components.
HP XP P9000 Auto LUN
HP XP P9000 Auto LUN software provides automatic monitoring and load balancing for the XP P9500. Make the most efficient use of your disk arrays by moving high-priority tasks to underutilized volumes. You set performance goals and limits, and the P9000 Auto LUN software does the rest. It proposes a migration plan and estimates how much your storage performance will improve when it’s done. The P9000 Auto LUN software lets you evaluate disk array usage and determine whether resources are overloaded or out of balance.