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HP RP8420 Server (A6912A, AD006A, AD007A, AD008A, AD009A, AD010A)

The HP RP8420 Server is the 32-way member of the HP 9000 family of enterprise servers. Upgradable to HP Integrity servers using the Intel Itanium 2 processor family, the HP RP8420 Server is able to meet customers' rapidly increasing needs. It provides Service Level Agreement features, partitions, and scalability up to 32 industry leading PA-8800 processors. The RP8420 offers the most comprehensive set of mid-range, high availibility features in the market, including a robust design, automatic monitoring and fault correction, and redundant components to avoid system downtime.

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HP RP8420 Server

HP Legacy End of Life Support Contracts available on all systems ...more information

HP RP8420 Product Features

  • Up to 16 processors / 32 processor cores
    PA-8900 (1.0 GHz or 1.1 GHz with 1.5 MB L1 cache/64 MB combined L2 cache)
  • 1 to 4 cell boards (each cell: 2–8 processors and 2 to 64 GB memory)
  • 2 to 256 GB memory capacity
  • 16 PCI-X internal hot-plug I/O card slots
  • 4 internal disk bays and 2 internal removable media bays (DVD + RW or DAT)
  • Optional Server Expansion Unit (SEU)
    16 additional PCI-X hot-plug I/O card slots
    4 additional disk drive slots
    2 additional removable media slots (DVD + RW or DAT)
  • Up to 2 hard partitions (nPars); up to 4 hardware partitions with optional SEU
  • Support for up to 16 virtual partitions (vPars); up to 32 virtual partitions with optional SEU
  • 32 GB/s crossbar bandwidth and 17 GB/s aggregate I/O slot bandwidth (34 GB/s using SEU)
  • Rack and standalone server solutions
  • Hot-swap, redundant power supplies
  • Redundant (2N+1) input power
  • Hot-swap, redundant cooling fans