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HP C100 and C110 Workstation

HP C100 and C110 Workstation

On Queue Computer has been an industry leader in the legacy HP market for over 25 years. No matter your needs you can be sure that On Queue Computer has the experience to help you.

All equipment is thoroughly tested and individually packaged using the most proctective ESD shielded packaging available. Your equipment will be packed in individual ESD foam lined corrugated boxes for added protection. Most of our customers comment that our packaging is superior to the original manufacturer.

When you buy your equipment from On Queue Computer you can be sure that you will pay the lowest price for the best quality equipment.

If you are looking for ABB Advant Station Spare Parts look no further than On Queue Computer. We can help you with replacement parts including fans, power supplies and system boards for your legacy ABB workstations, as well as supply you with complete systems to satisfy all of your ABB workstation needs.

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HP Legacy End of Life Support Contracts available on all systems ...more information

HP C100 and C110 QuickSpecs (Specifications)

  • C100 - 100 Mhz Processor
  • C110 - 120 Mhz Processor
  • 512MB Maximum Memory
  • 8 memory slots (4 pairs)
Internal Drives
  • 2GB or 4Gb Fast, Wide SCSI
  • 32X CD-ROM
  • Optional Floppy Disk Drive, DDS Tape Drive
Supported Operating Systems
Native HP-UX (version 9.05 or greater)
External I/O Ports
  • Ethernet IEEE 802.3 AUI
  • RJ45, UTP Twisted Pair
  • One Single-Ended, 8-bit , 5 MB/sec synchronous, 1.5 MB/sec asynchronous (for removable drives) One Fast, Wide SCSI (for hard disk drives)
  • Two Serial (RS-232) ports
  • One Parallel Interface, Centronics, BUSY handshake 25 pin female
  • Two PS/2 ports
  • Audio Line-in, Line-out, Mic, and Headphone
  • One HP-HIL connector
PS/2 or HP-HIL
Option I/O Slots (4 total)
  • 3 EISA or GSC
  • 1 GSC only
Network interface
  • Ethernet IEEE 802.3 AUI
  • RJ45, UTP Twisted Pair
Dimensions (w x d x h)
  • 21" x 17.5" x 5.5"
  • 37 lbs (16.7 kg) minimum configuration
  • 46 lbs (21.1 kg) fully loaded
Chassis Type
One year for end users