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HP VA7410 Virtual Array (A6267A, A6267AZ, A6267AE, A6268A, A6268AZ, A6268AE)

The HP VA7410 Virtual Array supports over 15 TB with up to 105 disks. It features redundant, hot-pluggable architecture that enables configurations with no single point of failure. Each port supports either 1 Gb or 2 Gb Fibre Channel devices to protect your customers' connectivity infrastructure investment.

The HP VA7410 Virtual Array technology automates storage administration tasks, saving users money. The automated administration process models the actions of expert storage administrators. This is an ideal virtual array for business-critical operations, including online transaction processing and file/print, Internet, and messaging applications.

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HP VA7410 Virtual Array

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HP VA7410 Product Features

  • RAID 1+0 and RAID 5DP: The virtual architecture is designed to dynamically store data in high performance RAID 1+0 mode or cost-effective RAID 5DP mode based on the IO patterns of applications. Most frequently used information is stored in RAID 1+0, least frequently used information is stored in RAID 5DP. As usage patterns dynamically change, the virtual array migrates the way data is stored to adapt - the performance of RAID 1 and the cost of RAID 5.
  • RAID 1+0 striping of every LUN across all disks: In a very large redundancy group, striping across all disks reduces the number of LUNs required to achieve a balanced workload and eliminates "hot spots". This self-tuning performance insures consistency in meeting application Service Level Agreements.
  • 24x7 performance tuning: The balancing between RAID levels occurs dynamically, without any human intervention. This eliminates downtime for reconfiguration to eliminate performance problems. This self-tuning performance also insures consistency in meeting application Service Level Agreements.
  • Mirrored ECC cache: HP's virtual storage architecture implements a tightly coupled mirrored-memory design. This provides greater availability and higher performance in shared environments.
  • End-to-end checksum data: Ensures that silent data corruptions can't get passed from the server to the array or from the array to the server.
  • Metadata recovery: The actual physical location of data is maintained in logical-to-physical maps in cache memory. These maps are periodically "checkpointed" and copied to disk, similar to database transactions and checkpointing.
  • Hot pluggable, redundant components: Disks, power supplies and fans are redundant, and can be replaced on-line. In fact, the virtual technology even allows disks to be replaced in any location with disks of different sizes, eliminating a common data-loss scenario from service.
  • Active/active controller operation: Any controller can access any data without performance penalty. This allows I/O load balancing.
  • Ordering of complete integrated configurations with a single part number, plus disk drives, is easy and helps ensure that the storage solution completely meets the customer requirements when it arrives.
  • Easy to use management tools and integration into upper-level enterprise management tools like OpenView allow web-based management anytime, anywhere.