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HP CD Drives

09N088018X-40X IDE CD-ROM
152405-001CD-ROM Drive and Diskette Drive
1977047B-C724X CDROM slimline black
19K1516Netfinity Black CD Rom
19K151717X-40X CDROM DRIVE
222837-00224X CDROM slimline black
233408-001Compaq 40X CD Rom Carbon
288894-00148X CDRom Carbon
314933-93124X CDROM slimline black
314933-93224X CDROM slimline black
314933-F3024X CD-Rom Slimline
323332-00124X CDRom
36L8791IBM 40X CD-ROM Drive Black
388770-63240x IDE CD-ROM (Carbon)
8120-8740Internal CD-ROM audio cable - Has large 4 pin (F) connector on one end - Has large 4 pin (F) and small 4 pin (F) connector on the other end - 0.6m (2.0ft) long
A1658-60025Single-Ended SCSI-2 CD-ROM drive (Quartz Gray) - 32X CD-ROM read
A1658-69002Single-Ended SCSI-2 CD-ROM drive - 4X CD-ROM read
A3715ASCSI-2 CD-ROM drive - 12X CD-ROM read
A4171ASingle-Ended SCSI-2 CD-ROM drive - 4X CD-ROM read
A4200-00092CD-ROM drive EMI shield - CD ROM EMI shield - Mounts to the bottom of the CD ROM drive
A4282A650MB Single Ended SCSI-2 CD-ROM drive
A4953ASingle-Ended SCSI-2 CD-ROM drive - 12X CD-ROM read
A4978-62006CD-ROM drive mounting bracket
A4986-62006Floppy disk drive mounting bracket - Mounts below the CD-ROM drive
A5001A32x-max CD-ROM drive - Half-height CD-ROM drive with ATAPI IDE connector
A6028A32X CD-ROM drive - In a slimline (0.5 inches high) case with ATAPI IDE connector
A6070-62003CD-ROM drive mounting tray (bracket) - Front drive bay cage for mounting a CD-ROM drive
A7853AIDE CD-RW drive - 24X CD-R write, 10X CD-RW rewrite, 40X CD-ROM read
A7854AIDE slimline CD-RW drive - 4X CD-R write, 4X CD-RW rewrite, 24X CD-ROM read - (For use with HP-UX 11.0 or higher ONLY)
A8683BATAPI IDE CD-RW drive - 48X-max write, 12X-max rewrite, 48X-max read - Half height drive with Carbon Black faceplate
C2293-69004SCSI CD-ROM drive (Toshiba) - (Part of A4282A) - In early releases of the 9000/C1xx series computers
D4385-7000148X CD-ROM drive - Half-height CD-ROM drive with ATAPI IDE connector (Mitsumi)
D4389-60091IDE CD-ROM drive - 48X CD-ROM read (Mitsumi CRMC-FX4820T) - Has front panel headphone jack and volume control
DL380G1_cdromCD-Rom white slimline
KR-052VXJDell PowerEdge 2650 CD-Rom
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