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Parts for BL20p G4 Server Blade

262587-B21PS/2 Interface Adapter, 8-pack
262588-B21PS/2 Interface Adapter, 1-pack
336045-B21Server Console Switch (KVM), 0 x 2 x 16 port
336047-B21USB Interface Adapter, 1-pack
373035-B21Serial Interface Adapter, 1-pack with power supply
AF100ABladeSystem p-Class KVM Interface Adapter
AF101AHP 16 Port Serial Console Server (worldwide)
AF102AHP 48 Port Serial Console Server
AF103ASerial Adapter, RJ45-DB9 DCE Female, 1 Pack
AF110ASerial Adapter, RJ45-DB9 DCE Female, 8 Pack
AF601A2x1x16 IP Console Switch with Virtual media
AF604APS/2 Virtual Media Interface Adapter, 1 pack
AG072A1U Rackmount Keyboard with USB