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Cables for Z600

202997-001DVI-I to VGA adapter - From a (M) DVI-I connector to a (F) 15-pin VGA connector - For connecting a VGA monitor to a DVI-I port on the graphics board
415949-001SCSI LED cable assembly - two-pin (F) to four-pin (F), 22.9cm (9in) long - For showing hard drive activity
447004-001External cable - For PCIe IEEE 1394b Firewire card
453317-001SATA drive dual device cable - Connectors 7-pin straight to 7-pin straight, 17.7-in long
465341-001Cable assembly - With eSATA connections and PCI bulkhead
484156-001DisplayPort (DP) to DVI-D adapter cable
512318-001Graphics card power adapter interface cable, 8-pin
534478-001Cable kit - Contains motherboard data and optical disk drive power cables
534479-001Cable assembly - For hard drive power connection
534480-001Cable kit - Contains the processor (CPU) and memory power cables
534890-001Front I/O panel cable assembly - Has three USB 2.0 ports, microphone and headphone jacks, and one IEEE 1394 port
536305-001Power on/off switch and LEDs cable assembly - Includes system speaker and thermal heat sensor (Q1) embedded in the cable
536308-001Interface Y-adapter power cable - For PCIe 1394b Firewire card
536309-001Cable kit - Contains SAS hard drive cable with bracket and mounting screws
537758-001Floppy disk drive interface cable
634180-001External cable - For PCIe IEEE 1394b Firewire card (BRF/P)
684587-001SLI graphics board connector cable, 7-inch in length
NQ097AAHP internal Mini-SAS 4i adapter cable