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ABB introduced their original Advant systems back in 1984

ABB introduced their original Advant systems back in 1984. At that time ABB was in need of a computer hardware manufacturer to provide them with a reliable computer and operating system. The contract was given to a company named Apollo computer. Founded in 1980 Apollo was then purchased by Hewlett Packard in 1989 and HP has continued to supply ABB with Advant DCS workstations to this date.

HP's first Advant workstation platform was the Apollo 715 platform that was actually manufactured by Samsung for Apollo computer. Many of these systems are still in use today.

ABB Advant software was written on the HPUX 10.2 & HPUX 11.operating system platform and is still currently used.

Below are links to the HP Workstation Platforms used by ABB for their Advant DCS OCS controllers.

Advant Station 500 Series (AS520, AS530)