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HP B2000 Workstation (A5983A, A5983AR, A5983B, A5983BR, A5983C, A6043A, B2000, Y1644A)

HP B2000 Workstation

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B2000 Front View B2000 Rear Components B2000 Front View B2000 Back View B2000 Inside View
B2000 Front View B2000 Rear Components B2000 Front View B2000 Back View B2000 Inside View

The legacy HP B2000 Worstation is the ideal combination for price and performance. With it's PA-Risc 8500 400Mhz Processor with 1.5MB on-chip cache, up to 2Gb Memory, and integrated on-board visualize fxe graphics this system provides the best 3D capability across all HP workstations. As one of HP's most affordable and powerful PA-RISC workstations, the B2000 is still widely used as an ABB Advant station for defense, power plants, paper mills and other industries around the world.

On Queue Computer has been an industry leader in the legacy HP market for over 26 years. If you need a new system, parts, or support you can be sure that On Queue Computer has the experience to help you.

For high quality HP B2000 workstations with a one year warranty please Request a Quote or contact us directly at (978) 499 0049. We supply all components and parts including system boards, power supplies, fans, disk drives, memory, cd/dvd roms, and I/O boards.

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HP B2000 Workstation Technical Specifications

Minimum Operating Systems Supported
  • HP-UX 10.2 ACE 9912
  • HP-UX 11.0 ACE 9911
400 MHz PA-8500 processor with 1.5 MB cache
Processor Speed
400 MHz
Memory slots
4 memory slots
Maximum Memory
256 Mb to 4 Gb
Internal Hard Disk Drive
Up to 2 disk drives - capacity 9 Gb, 18 Gb, 36 Gb, 73 Gb or 146 Gb each
Hard disk controller
Ultra 2 SCSI LVD
Hard Disk Drive Speed
10000 rpm or 15000 rpm
1 Internal Drive Bay for Floppy; 1 Internal Drive Bay for CD-Rom/CD-RW or DVD-Rom/DVD-CDRW
External I/O Ports
  • Serial interface 9-pin DIN (2 ports)
  • Parallel interface 25-pin DIN (1 port)
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus) 2 ports; Series A (keyboard and mouse only)
  • Internal Fxe Graphics
I/O Slots (6 Total)
  • Two PCI 1X (half card) slots
  • Two PCI 2X (full size) slots
  • HP Visualize Fxe Graphics Card
  • HP Visualize Fx5 Pro Graphics Card
USB Keyboard
Mouse/Pointing Device
USB 3 button and scroll mouse, space mouse and space ball
Network interface
integrated 10/100 Base-Tx Ethernet
  • Integrated, CD-quality stereo
  • Inputs: Stereo line-in, MIC-in
  • Outputs: Stereo line-out, internal speaker, headphone
Dimensions (w x d x h)
  • 17.5" x 25.8" x 9"
  • 41 pounds minimum configuration; 47.6 pounds loaded
Chassis Type
Deskside or Rackmountable
One Year for End Users