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HP A4986-63008 LVD (Low voltage differential)/single-ended SCSI terminator - Has integral status LED which displays single-ended or low voltage differential mode - 68 pin (M) with thumbscrews

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A4986-63008 is used in the following HP systems

B1000  •  C3000  •  C3600  •  C3650  •  C3700 (datasheet)  •  J5000  •  J5000  •  J5600  •  J7000

Associated Parts

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A4986-63006 - Ribbon cable - DB-25 (M) connector to 20-pin (F) connector - 46cm (18in) long - From LCD display to system processor board

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A4986-69001 - Power supply assembly (500 watts) - Includes power supply, safety interlock switch, and AC power connector - Mounts in the lower left of the chassis a...

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A4986-86003 - SCA (Single connector attach) hard disk backplane PCA - Has one female 68-PIN connector, and two 80-PIN SCA hard drive connectors - Mounts to the rear...




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