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Processors for RX7620 Server

A6913-67104New part for A6913-69204
A6913-67106New part for A6913-69206
A6913-67107New part for A6913-69207
A6913-69204Intel Celeron processor - 1.3GHz
A6913-69206Processor cell board assembly - Includes four 900MHz PA-RISC 8800 dual core processors, does not include memory
A6913-69207Processor cell board assembly - Includes one 1.0GHz PA-RISC 8800 dual core processor, does not include memory
A9767AHP mx2 dual-processor module with two Intel® Itanium® 2 processors
AB439A Intel Itanium 2 1.5-GHz with 4M cache
AB441AInstant Capacity Intel Itanium 2 1.5-GHz with 4M cache
AB548-67002New part for AB548-69002
AB548AIntel® Itanium® 2 processor 1.6GHz with 6M L3 cache (Pack of 2 cpus)
AB550AInstant Capacity Intel Itanium 2 1.6-GHz with 6M cache