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Parts for RX2800 i2

578882-001512MB flash backed write cache (FBWC) memory module - Does not include the controller board or capacitor module
587324-001Flash-based write cache (FBWC) super capacitor module assembly - Includes capacitor with cable (610mm (24 inches) long), holder, and feet
AH395-67001Replacement, Air Baffle
AH395-67002Intrusion switch and cable - Twisted pair, 2pos, 150mm (5.9in) long - Includes intrusion switch and cable, System Insight Display (SID) ribbon cable, and power cable for SAS backplane
AH395-67004Central Processing Unit (CPU) Heat Sink
AH395-67005Air Blocker - Cover
AH395-69002Panel Control Board (PCA) Memory Riser