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Parts for RX2600

5065-5227Disk Tray
8120-1378Power cord (Jade Gray) - 18 AWG, 2.3m (7.5ft) long - Has straight (F) C13 receptacle (for 120V in USA, Canada, Latin America, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Brazil, and Vietnam)
A6198-60003Hot-swap hard drive slot filler panel (Carbon Black)
A6940APedestal configuration kit - Includes pedestal, front bezel, top cover, side cover, and nameplate - For converting the rack mount server into a deskside pedestal configuration
A7231-04004Fan cage assembly (metal) - Front half of the processor airflow system
A7231-04006PCI/AGP card cage - Includes the metal frame and cover (PC board NOT included)
A7231-04023Right side rack latch - L-shaped metal bracket
A7231-04025Right side bezel for rack configurations (Flint Gray)
A7231-04026Deskside front bezel assembly (Flint Gray)
A7231-04028Pedestal - For supporting the chassis in a deskside/tower configuration
A7231-04030Left side bezel for rack configurations with latch (Flint Gray)
A7231-04034Main airflow guide (plastic)
A7231-40003Rack nameplate (Quatrz Gray)
A7231-40026Slimline optical drive bay filler panel (Gray plastic)
A7231-40027Slimline optical drive bay filler panel (Carbon Black plastic)
A7231-66550Status panel PC board - Includes the system status LED's and power switch on a small PC board