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Parts for RP5430

0950-3470New part for A5191-69105
1420-0866240V battery pack - 25A, external - For PowerTrust II-MR 4000W, 6500W, and 8000W UPS
8120-5337Power cord (Black) - 16 AWG, 2.5m (8.2ft) long - Has straight (F) C15 receptacle with a 'U' shaped channel above the ground pin to prevent use of a lower rated power cord (For 120VAC in the United States and Canada)
A1357A96V battery pack - External - For PowerTrust II-LR UPS
A3639-04024PCI card separator/extractor with light pipe
A5191-04013Front bezel assembly - Mounts on the front of the server - Requires bezel hardware kit
A5191-60013Display board - Has on/off switch and five server status LEDs - Mounts to the upper front of the chassis
A5191-69105Power converter - Converts the input voltage 100/240V to power that can be used by the power supplies - Has three power cord input plugs
A5191-70010Bezel hardware kit - Used with new style (one piece) front bezel
A6144-00002Platform monitor card guide
A6144-00003L3000 system Board mounting plate
A6144-00004L3000 front card guide
A6144-00005L3000 rear card guide - Card guide for the memory boards
A6586A240V Battery pack - 25A, external - For PowerTrust II-MR 4000W UPS