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Parts for J210

1420-03143.0V battery - Lithium - Same as BR2325, CR2325, or equivalent - Not rechargeable
8120-2371Power cord (Black) - 16 AWG, 2.3m (7.5ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 120V in the USA and Canada)
A4081-00014Backplane support - Metal plate to support the backplane PCA
A4081-00041EMI clip
A4081-00045EMI clip
A4081-40001Outer left side panel
A4081-40002Outer right side panel
A4081-40003Pedestal base - Supporting 'foot' on the bottom of the computer - Dove Gray
A4081-400115.25-inch blank filler panel
A4081-40013Display mounting bracket
A4081-40015Speaker enclosure
A4081-62003Chassis subassembly - Base metal chassis only
A4081-62007EISA module cage - Large metal enclosure for EISA PC board
A4081-62008Motherboard carrier tray assembly - J200, J210, J280
A4081-62021Speaker assembly - Mounts on the rear of the fan shroud assembly
A4081-62023Extractor lever assembly - Metal handle that mounts on the front of the power supply module assembly
A4081-62025TOC (transfer of control) button/switch/cable - Protected momentary contact pushbutton switch with attached 18cm (7.0in) long, 3-conductor cable with 3-pin (F) connector
A4081-62026I/O bulkhead assembly - Metal plate with holes for I/O connectors from I/O PCA - Includes decal surrounding holes
A4081-84008Nameplate - 9000 model J200 class series computer logo
A4081-84009Nameplate - 9000 model J210 class series computer logo
S1311-00004Memory hold down bracket