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Parts for C3650 Workstation

5063-4513Speaker - 7.62cm (3.0in) diameter, 8-ohm impedance, 1.5-watt - Has attached 45.7cm (18in) long cable with 2-pin connector - Mounts in the I/O fan and speaker bracket assembly
A4986-00026I/O card air divider (baffle) - Mounts in the upper rear of the chassis assembly (above the two rear panel fans)
A4986-00039Fan mounting bracket for 80mm hard disk / memory cooling fan
A4986-40005Fan/speaker bracket assembly - Has PC board guides on rear for the I/O boards
A4986-62003Front bezel assembly - Includes front bezel with molded in display bezel and power button, blank CD-ROM and floppy filler panels, and security lock
A4986-86006Chassis assembly - Includes: 2 rear fans, hard drive/memory fan, I/O card fan, I/O card guide with speaker, I/O card bracket, air divider, IDE, FDD, and SCSI LVD power and data cables, status panel with cable, drive trays, and the front bezel assembly