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PC Boards and Backplanes for C180

A4200-60004Drive interconnect board kit - Includes 2 thumbscrews and board - Drive Interconnect Board Kit - Includes 2 Thumbscrews and Board - Mounts on Rear of Drive Tray
A4200-60018New part for A4200-69118
A4200-60022New part for A4200-69022
A4200-66501New part for A4200-69511
A4200-66541New part for A4200-69541
A4200-69022I/O board assembly ('L' shaped) - Includes rear panel audio in/out and SCSI/parallel connectors - I/O Board Assembly ('L' Shaped) - Includes Rear Panel Audio In/Out and SCSI/Parallel Connectors - Mounts on the Right Side of the Computer
A4200-69118System processor board - 180MHz - 180MHz System Processor Board - Mounts on the Left Side of the Computer
A4200-69511Backplane board with option board slot connectors - Backplane Board (with Option Board Slot Connectors) - Vertical Board in the Center of the Computer
A4200-69541I/O connector board - Small board with 10BT LAN, serial ports, and mouse/keyboard connectors - I/O Connector Board - Small Board (on Rear Left Side) with 10BT LAN, Serial Ports, and Mouse/Keyboard Connectors