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Other for Sun Blade 2000

370-1678Sun Microphone II
370-4161Sun 1394 Visual Collaboration Kit
370-4233MicroPayflex smart cards with Sun artwork, pack of 25
370-4666 Smart Card Reader (double-sided)
375-0131SunPCi II 600MHz, 64MB memory
375-3116SunPCi III 1.4GHz Co-Processor Card, 256MB memory
501-4155Audio Module
501-6353Audio Module
595-3723CCD Camera II
595-5343PCI Multimedia Kit
X1400AMicroPayflex smart cards with Sun artwork, pack of 25
X2131ASunPCi II 600MHz, 64MB memory
X2134ARear Guide Kit
X3682ASun 1394 Visual Collaboration Kit
X499APCI Multimedia Kit