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Interfaces for C110

25565-60002New part for 25565-69002
25565-69002EISA PSI board - Provides SNA/X.25 LAN connection - High Speed EISA X.25 Board (P/O J2794A)
28641BHP ThinLAN (10Base-2) transceiver - Has AUI and BNC connectors (AUI cable not included) - Connects to the AUI port
A2670AThinLAN (10Base-2) Ethernet transceiver kit - Includes transceiver and retainer clip - Plugs into the AUI port
J2165AToken ring (IEEE 802.5 networks) interface board - Plugs into an EISA bus slot
J2794AHigh speed X.25 board - Provides line speed up to 1.5 Mbps - Plugs into an EISA bus slot