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Graphics for J5600

A1299BHP VISUALIZE-fx10 Pro (Revision B) PCI graphics card with 128MB DDR SDRAM memory
A4552AHP VISUALIZE-fx2 graphic accelerator board - 24/8 bit accelerated 3D solids - Has EVC video connector - Requires HP-UX 10.20 with 'Additional Core Enhancements' (ACE)
A4556AVideo output board for VISUALIZE-FX series graphics products only - Provides NTSC, PAL,AND S-VIDEO outputs
A4560ATexture memory upgrade for VISUALIZE-fx6 - Adds 16MB texture memory and 32KB x 32KB virtual texture cache
A4977AHP VISUALIZE-EG PCI graphics card with 4MB memory - The EG card is 8 plane with 8 overlay planes - Can be used in either a 3.3V or 5.0V PCI slot
A4982BHP VISUALIZE-fxe PCI graphics card with 9.5MB of texture memory (24MB SDRAM total memory) , 32-bit, 66MHz