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Cables for Z220

430684-001HP Internal USB port cable kit - For supporting internal USB devices (storage devices and software locking devices)
463024-001DVI 'Y' adapter cable with Molex DMS-59 connector - From 59-pin (M) high density LFH connector (60-pin connector layout with pin 58 missing) to two 25-pin DVI connectors, 20.3cm (8.0in) long
633756-001SATA drive power cable extension
634180-001External cable - For PCIe IEEE 1394b Firewire card (BRF/P)
638813-001SATA hard drive data cable - Has two straight end connectors, length is 483mm (19-in) long
639958-001SATA hard drive data cable - Length is 18-in, right angle connector
639959-001SATA drive interface cable (straight-straight)
646830-001SATA drive data cable, length 18-inches, straight to right angle connection
688664-001Front I/O input cable assembly
708463-001Mini Display Port (DP) to Display Port (DP) interface cable
712792-001Display Port (DP) to DVI-Dual (DVI-D) Link interface cable