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Cables for Z200

202997-001DVI-I to VGA adapter - From a (M) DVI-I connector to a (F) 15-pin VGA connector - For connecting a VGA monitor to a DVI-I port on the graphics board
391739-001SATA hard drive cable - Has a 7-pin to 7-pin, right angled connector, 48.26cm (19in) long
393958-001SATA hard drive interface cable - Has a 7-pin to 7-pin right angled connector, length is 45.72cm (18-in)
453317-001SATA drive dual device cable - Connectors 7-pin straight to 7-pin straight, 17.7-in long
484156-001DisplayPort (DP) to DVI-D adapter cable
497726-001External SATA (eSATA) cable assembly - Includes cable with port connectors (one connector to PC and the other to external storage device) - For high-speed data transfer to external storage devices
581355-001SATA power cable - For Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs