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Sun XTA-3310-73GB-10K 73.4GB - 10000 RPM, Disk Assembly

Mfg. Part:
73.4GB - 10000 RPM, Disk Assembly
1 year warranty
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Quality - all products like XTA-3310-73GB-10K are guaranteed genuine from the manufacture, extensively tested, and individually packaged for extra protection during shipping. World-class industry ESD standards protect and insure a long life for all of your hardware equipment.

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Inventory - On Queue Computer stocks a large inventory of servers, workstations, disk drives, processors, I/O, mass storage, and other peripherals benefiting you with quicker delivery and lower pricing.

Rental/Leasing - we offer flex rental to short term lease adjustments to allow for Flexible situational and financial solutions. A portion of your term payments will go towards the purchase of your technology solution should you need to purchase it. Sun XTA-3310-73GB-10K is available to lease.

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