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Sun StorEdge T3 Array for the Workgroup

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Sun StorEdge T3 Array for the Workgroup Spanning from the workgroup to the midrange to the enterprise, the Sun StorEdge[tm] T3 array for the workgroup offers a flexible, scalable approach to your most challenging growth and data storage demands while reducing total cost of ownership. The system provides a high-performance RAID controller that delivers fibre-channel access to an array of nine disk drives. The array stores frequently accessed data and recently written information in up to 1 GB of cache, reducing latencies and delivering exceptional performance. In addition, the Sun StorEdge T3 array for the workgroup delivers outstanding three-way scalability of capacity, performance and availability. As capacity scales, additional cache provides consistent high performance, while added data paths and redundancy increase availability. Additional capabilities can also be added through firmware download or controller upgrades for outstanding investment protection. Sun Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment is an integral availability tool that provides health management services to help ensure high availability for Sun StorEdge arrays.


  • Key Applications:
    • Economical, powerful and scalable storage system that delivers advanced data services to the storage network
    • The Sun StorEdge T3 array for the workgroup also features multi-platform support
    • The advanced architecture of the Sun StorEdge[tm] T3 array meets the demands of a wide range of applications and workload requirements
    • Sun StorEdge administration software offers management, configuration, and health monitoring using an Ethernet connection separated from data traffic
    • In case of power failure, redundant batteries enable the write data stored in cache to be automatically saved to disk

  • Key Specifications:
    • High capacity--5.2 TB per cabinet
    • Hot-swap redundant components include: power supplies, UPS batteries, cooling fans, unit interconnect cards, and drives
    • Hardware RAID improves data protection while helping reduce system overhead
    • Modular flexibility combined with full front-to-back fibre architecture allows configuration for high transaction, high bandwidth, or high performance computing
    • Sun StorEdge Component Manager software offers management, configuration, and health monitoring
    • Sun StorEdge Component Manager software allows easy and simple centralized single-point administration
    • Two host connections help ensure data availability by providing alternative paths to the array's data
    • Fabric connectivity to the host is enabled with the Sun StorEdge network FC switch
    • Open system connectivity includes support for HP-UX, IBM-AIX, Linux, Windows NT, and Solaris hosts

  • Key Benefits:
    • Single point administration simplifies and improves management and serviceability
    • Provides increased capacity and performance as systems scale
    • Preconfigured storage allows easy installation
    • Sun[tm] Remote Services ready
    • Ability to upgrade cache from 256 MB to 1 GB provides investment protection
    • An extensive qualification matrix helps ensure that most storage configurations can be supported

  • Key Related Software:
    • Sun StorEdge[tm] Component Manager
    • VERITAS NetBackup
    • VERITAS Volume Manager
    • VERITAS File System
    • Solstice Backup[tm]
    • Solstice DiskSuite[tm]

  • Key Industries:
    • The Sun StorEdge T3 array helps maximize performance in online transaction, decision support, messaging, web hosting, and high-performance computing environments within industries such as, manufacturing, government, finance, and entertainment

Sun StorEdge T3 Array for the Workgroup Specifications

Drives Dual-ported FC-SCA-2 (3.5-in. drives)/Nine per enclosure
Back panel Native LC fibre-channel connection
RJ45 10/100 Base-T network connector
RJ45 RS-232 connector
Loop cards DB-9 connector
Power connector CEE 22-V (latching, U.S. only)
Power cables Two NEMA 5-15P
36.7 GB (10K or 15K RPM) 2.6 TB max cabinet (72 drives)
82.9 TB max tested system (32 cabinets)
73.4 GB (10K RPM) 5.2 TB max cabinet (72 drives)
169.1 TB max tested system (32 cabinets)
181.6 GB (7200 RPM) 13 TB max cabinet (72 drives)
417.0 TB max tested system (32 cabinets)
Supported hardware Sun Fire[tm] 280R, 3800, 4800, 4810, 6800, V480, V880, 12K, and 15K servers
Sun Enterprise[tm] 220R, 250, 420R, 450, 3X00-6X00 and 10000 servers
Ultra[tm] 60, 80 workstations
Netra[tm] t 1120/1125, 1400/1405, 20 servers
Intel Pentium III or higher (Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux)
HP 9000 N- or L-Class
IBM RS/6000
Supported host bus adapters Sun-1 Gb PCI (single and dual) and 1 Gb cPCI (dual) fabric adapter (optical)
Sun-2 Gb PCI (single and dual) fabric
Sun-SBus FC-AL adapter (optical GBIC)
Microsoft-Emulex L8000F1-N1
HP-HP A5158A*
IBM-IBM FC#6227*
Linux-QLogic QLA2200F/66*
*All non-Sun host bus adapters supported by third-party vendor.
Operating environment per enclosure Solaris[tm] Operating Environments 2.6, 7, 8, 9
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (SP6 and SPGA)
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server (SP2)
Red Hat Linux 7.2
IBM AIX 4.3.3, 5.1L
HP-UX 11.0
Supported software Sun StorEdge[tm] Component Manager software (included)
Sun StorEdge[tm] Management Console software (included)
Sun[tm] Cluster 3.0 update 2 software
VERITAS Volume Manager software (Tier 2 license included)
Fibre Channel loop topology connectivity
Fabric point-to-point (p2p) topology connectivity
One RAID controller card/tray RAID levels 0, 1+0, 5
Up to 16 LUNs per unit
LUN masking/slicing
Network Time Protocol (NTP) support
Persistent Group Reservation (PGR) support
Configurable hot spare
Single host FC-AL interface
Two FC-AL drive loops
Dual speed network connection
RS-232 serial service port
1 GB data cache
Hardware pipelined XOR
Drives Front
Power/cooling units Rear
Loop cards Rear
Controller card Rear
All FRUs are hot-swappable and have FRU IDs
Preconfigured storage RAID 5
Input power 450 W maximum
Input current 5 A maximum
AC power 100-240 VAC @ 47-63 Hz single phase
Heat output 1540 BTU/hr, maximum
Operating 5ºC to 35ºC (41ºF to 95ºF)
Altitude: -305 m (-1,000 ft.) to 3048 m (10,000 ft.)
Shock: 4.0 g for maximum duration of 11 ms (half-sinewave)
Vibration: 5 to 500 Hz @ 0.25 g sinusoidal
Nonoperating -20ºC to 60ºC (-4ºF to 149ºF)
Altitude: -305 m (-1,000 ft.) to 12,192 m (40,000 ft.)
Shock: 10.0 g for maximum duration of 11 ms (half-sinewave)
Vibration: 5 to 500 Hz @ 1.0 g sinusoidal
Power/cooling units Two per enclosure
Integrated backup battery power for cache destage
Auto-ranging power supplies
Dual line cords and redundant fans
Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
SafetyUL/CSA, CE, Y2K compliant, FC-AL standards
Height13.97 cm (5.5 in.) (3.5U)
Width44.45 cm (17.5 in.)
Depth46.99 cm (18.5 in.)
Weight30.15 kg (67 lb. maximum, with half-height drives)