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Storage for ProLiant DL760 G1

146197-B22HP StorageWorks 40/80-GB DLT Tape Drive, External (Carbon) (NA)
157767-002HP StorageWorks AIT 50-GB Tape Drive, External (Carbon)
157770-002HP StorageWorks 20/40-GB DAT DDS-4 Tape Drive, External (Carbon)
164227-B23ProLiant Cluster HA/F500 Enhanced DT Kit for MA8000/EMA 16000
166505-00120/40-GB DAT 8 Cassette Autoloader External (Opal)
175196-B21SSL2020 AIT Mini-Library 1 drive, 20 slot Rackmount
175196-B22SSL2020 AIT Mini-Library 2 drive, 20 slot Rackmount
175197-B21AIT 50-GB Drive Add-On LVD Drive for SSL2020 AIT Library
175312-B22SSL2020 AIT Library Pass Thru Extender
175990-B21EMA12000 D14 60Hz
175991-B21EMA12000 S14 60Hz
175992-B21MA8000 60Hz
175993-B21EMA12000 Blue 60Hz
201723-B22HP StorageWorks Modular Smart Array 1000
201724-B21Smart Array Cluster Storage
215487-B21HP StorageWorks Internal AIT 50-GB, Hot Plug (Carbon)
216885-001HP StorageWorks External AIT 35-GB, LVD Tape Drive (Carbon)
218231-B22MSA1000 Controller
218232-B21StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4354R (rack-mountable)
218960-B21StorageWorks Enclosure Model 4314R (rack-mountable) (Japan)
229909-B21ESL9000 6 Slot DLT Magazine
231823-B22MSL5K Field Upgrade SDLT 110/220 Drive, LVD
231891-B21MSL5026DLX, 1 40/80-GB DLT, LVD Rackmount
231891-B22MSL5026DLX, 2 40/80-GB DLT, LVD Rackmount
232136-B21MSL5000 Dual Magazine DLT
234617-B21ESL9000 Field Upgrade SDLT 110/220, LVD Drive (ESL9198SL, ESL9326SL, ESL9595SL)
238791-B21EMA16000 S14 60Hz (opal)
238792-B21EMA16000 D14 60Hz (opal)
249160-001HP StorageWorks External AIT 100-GB Tape Drive (Carbon)
249491-B21MSL5052SL, SDLT, 110/220, 2 Drives, LVD, Rackmount
255102-B21MSL5052, Rackmount, 0 Drive, SDLT ALL
257319-001HP StorageWorks SDLT 320 Tape Drive, External (Carbon) NA
268664-B21DLT1 1280 SuperLoader
274331-B21HP StorageWorks Rackmount SDLT 110/220, 3U (Single Drive)
274332-B21HP StorageWorks Rackmount DLT 40/80, 3U (Single Drive)
274333-B21HP StorageWorks AIT 50GB Tape Drive, 3U Rackmount
274334-B21HP StorageWorks Rackmount SDLT 110/220, Dual-Drive, 3U (Two Drives)
274335-B21HP StorageWorks Rackmount DLT 40/80, Dual Drive 3U (Two Drives)
274336-B21HP StorageWorks Rackmount SDLT 110/220, Tape Array III, 5U (Four Drives)
274337-B21HP StorageWorks Rackmount DLT 40/80, Tape Array III, 5U (Four Drives)
274672-B22ESL9595SL Enterprise Library, 400 slot, 16 Drive
274674-B21ESL9595 500 Slot Upgrade
274674-B22ESL9595 595 Slot Upgrade
280129-B22HP StorageWorks DLT VS 40/80 Tape Drive, External (Carbon)
280349-001HP StorageWorks AIT 35 GB Autoloader, Rackmount (Carbon)
281627-B22ESL9595SL Enterprise Library, 500 slot, 2 Drive
286763-B21HP StorageWorks msa hub 2/3
293409-B22ESL9322S2, 222 slot, 2 Drives, SDLT2
293409-B28ESL9322S2, 222 slot, 8 Drives, SDLT2
293410-B22ESL9322S2, 322 slot, 2 Drives, SDLT2
293410-B28ESL9322S2, 322 slot, 8 Drives, SDLT2
293411-B22ESL9595S2, 400 slot, 2 Drives, SDLT2
293411-B28ESL9595S2, 400 slot, 16 Drives, SDLT2
293412-B22ESL9595S2, 500 slot, 2 Drives, SDLT2
293412-B28ESL9595S2, 500 slot, 16 Drives, SDLT2
293413-B22ESL9595S2, 595 slot, 2 Drives, SDLT2
293413-B28ESL9595S2, 595 slot, 16 Drives, SDLT2
293414-B21ESL9000 LVD SDLT-160 Drive Upgrade
293415-B21ESL9000 HVD SDLT-160 Drive Upgrade
293472-B21MSL5026S2, Rackmount, 0 Drive Library
293472-B22MSL5026S2, 1 drive, 26 slots, SDLT 320, RM
293472-B23MSL5026S2, 2 drive, 26 slots, SDLT 320, RM
293472-B24MSL5026S2, 1 drive, 26 slots, SDLT 320, RM with embedded FC router
293472-B25MSL5026S2, 2 drive, 26 slots, SDLT 320, RM with embedded FC router
293474-B21MSL5052S2, 2 drive, 52 slots, SDLT 320, RM
293474-B24MSL5052S2, 2 drive, 52 slots, SDLT 320, RM with embedded FC router
293475-B21MSL5000 SDLT2 Upgrade Drive
293476-B21MSL5052S2, Tabletop, 2 Drives, SDLT2 Library
293588-B21ESL9322 222 Slot to ESL9322 322 Slot Upgrade
301897-B21MSL5030L1, Rackmount, 0 Drive Library
301897-B22MSL5030L1, Rackmount, 1 Drive, LTO1 Library
301897-B23MSL5030, 2 drive, 30 slots, Ultrium 230, RM
301897-B24MSL5030L1FC, Rackmount, 1 Drive, LTO1 Library
301897-B25MSL5030, 2 drive, 30 slots, Ultrium 230, RM with embedded FC router
301898-B21MSL5030L1, Tabletop, 1 Drive, LTO1 Library
301898-B22MSL5030, 2 drive, 30 slots, Ultrium 230, TT
301899-B21MSL5060L1, Rackmount, 0 Drive Library
301899-B22MSL5060L1, Rackmount, 2 Drives, LTO1 Library
301899-B23MSL5060L1FC, Rackmount, 2 Drives, LTO1 Library
301900-B21MSL5060L1, Tabletop, 2 Drives, LTO1 Library
301901-B21MSL5000 LTO1 Upgrade Drive
301902-B21MSL5000 Dual Magazine LTO
301927-B22ESL9322L1, 222 slot, 2 Drives, LTO1
301927-B28ESL9322L1, 222 slot, 8 Drives, LTO1
301928-B22ESL9322L1, 322 slot, 2 Drives, LTO1
301928-B28ESL9322L1, 322 slot, 8 Drives, LTO1
301929-B22ESL9595L1, 400 slot, 2 Drives, LTO1
301929-B28ESL9595L1, 400 slot, 16 Drives, LTO1
301930-B21ESL9000 LTO1 Upgrade Drive
301931-B22ESL9595L1, 500 slot, 2 Drives, LTO1
301931-B28ESL9595L1, 500 slot, 16 Drives, LTO1
301932-B22ESL9595L1, 595 slot, 2 Drives, LTO1
301932-B28ESL9595L1, 595 slot, 16 Drives, LTO1
302254-B21ESL9000 Universal Load Port
302512-B21MSL5026SL, Rackmount, 1 SDLT Drive (Graphite)
302512-B22MSL5026SL, Rackmount, 2 SDLT Drive (Graphite)
330815-B21SSL1016 DLT1 tape autoloader (includes two 8-cartridge magazines and a barcode reader)
330816-B21SSL1016 SDLT 320 Tape Autoloader
C9572CB1/8 Ultrium 230 Tape Autoloader, Tabletop
Q1516AHP StorageWorks Ultrium 230 Tape Drive for ProLiant, External (Carbon)
Q1519AHP StorageWorks Ultrium 460 Tape Drive for ProLiant, External (Carbon)