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Parts for RX4640

1420-03863.0V battery - 250mAh, lithium coin cell battery - Type CR2330 or equivalent - Not rechargeable
307132-0013.6V battery pack assembly - 500mAH nickel metal hydride (NiMH) - Battery is oval shaped, 12.5mm (0.5in) high, 38mm (1.5in) wide, and 77mm (3.0in) long
8120-0668Power cord (Black) - 18 AWG, 2.3m (7.5ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (For 220V/240V in South America)
8120-0698Power cord (Black) - 18 AWG, 2.3m (7.5ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 220V in the USA and Canada)
A5137AZModular power distribution unit (part of the master rack) - 16A (amps), 100/240VAC, six C13 and two C19 outlets, mounts directly to the rack columns (separate installation kit is not required)
A6961-40034DIMM slot filler - Covers unused DIMM slots to aid in cooling - One DIMM filler covers two adjacent DIMM slots
A6961-67008Front display/status panel - Has the power button and three status LEDs
A6961-67020I/O board divider - Provides short circuit protection to the hot-plug PCI accessory boards - Includes doorbell and latch
A6961-67021PCI retention clip
A6961-67022Front bezel for rack mount configuration
A6977-67001Right rack mount bracket
A6977-67002Left rack mount bracket
A6979-04001Pedestal kit - Includes parts required to change from the rack mount configuration to deskside pedestal
A7782-63001USB to two-port PS/2 adapter - For converting one or two legacy or contemporary PS/2 devices to USB - For USB only systems running HP-UX 10.20 or later - One type 'A' Male USB connector to two 6-pin mini-DIN connectors, 38.1cm (15in) long cable - (A7782A)