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Parts for RX4610 Server

A6153-670273.3V DC to DC power converter
A6153-67029LS-120 Superdisk drive assembly - Reads 120MB LS-120 disks and 1.44MB floppy disks - Includes the drive mounted on a tray with connector board
A6153-670365V DC to DC power converter
A6153-67042I/O card guide - Black plastic card guide with locking tab for securing a PCI card
A6153-67045Processor thermal dummy - Must be installed in an empty processor slot for proper cooling
A6153-67052Front bezel
A6153-67053Thermal sheet metal kit - Includes a power supply filler panel, processor air flow baffle, and a DC to DC converter module cover
A6153-6902812V DC to DC power converter
A6165-69040Processor power pod - 48V DC to DC converter power pod - One required for each processor
C3751B2 button PS/2 serial mouse (Quartz Gray) - Has attached 6ft cable with 6-pin mini-din connector