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Parts for RP8400

0950-435248V DC to DC voltage converter
5001-6892Filler for empty PCI slot
5040-6317Chassis intrusion switch
5065-0246PCI card separator panel with light pipe
8120-6895Power cord (Black) - 15 AWG, 4.5m (14.8ft) long - Has a stripped end for power input and straight C19 (F) receptacle for power output
8120-6897Power cord (Black) - 15 AWG, 4.5m (14.8ft) long - Has IEC-309 (M) plug for power input and straight (F) C19 receptacle (for 220V in Denmark and Switzerland)
8120-6899Power cord - Has CEE 7/7 (M) plug for power input and C19 (F) plug for power output - 4.5m (14.8ft) long
A6093-04018Hot-swap power supply bay EMI filler - Fills in an empty power supply bay
A6093-04048Front bezel assembly
A6093-04049Front panel bezel assembly
A6093-40014Front card guide - Includes two guides
A6093-40041PCI OLR gate (latch) - Secures the PCI card and enables the PCI slot
A6093-67016Cell board air shield (CPU cover) - Includes damper, spring, hinge, and front and rear card guides
A6093-67114PCI OLR latching assembly - Disables PCI slots for hot-swap functionality and retains the PCI cards - Includes four OLR housings, 16 OLR buttons, PC board, 16 OLR paddles, and OLR switch cable