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Parts for J5000 Workstation

A4978-40011I/O fan and speaker bracket assembly (blue plastic) - Mounts in front of the I/O and PCI backplane board to allow the connection of a 120mm fan and system speaker - Does NOT include the PCI card guide faceplate, fan or speaker
A4978-40013Plastic shield - Covers the high current bus bars from the power supply - Mounts in the top of the chassis assembly
A4978-62004Front Bezel Assembly - Includes the front plastic cover with the hard drive access door
A4978-62007DDS-3 tape (or floppy drive) mounting bracket - Mounts in the top left corner of the workstation
A4978-84005J5000 series workstation nameplate and logo - With the 'HP' and 'VISUALIZE' logos and 'J5000' product number - Mounts in the recess on the front bezel
A4978-86007Chassis assembly for J5x00/J7000 workstations - Includes chassis with side and top panels, all cooling fans, I/O fan and speaker bracket, PCI board retainer clip, drive EMI covers and trays, floppy/CD-ROM drive data and power cables, and bus bar shield