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Parts for C200

1420-03143.0V battery - Lithium - Same as BR2325, CR2325, or equivalent - Not rechargeable
8120-2371Power cord (Black) - 16 AWG, 2.3m (7.5ft) long - Has straight (F) receptacle (for 120V in the USA and Canada)
A2263-40042Rubber foot (Misty Blue, L-shaped) - Replacement rubber foot for the bottom of the computer case (four used)
A4081-62021Speaker assembly - Mounts on the rear of the fan shroud assembly
A4125-40002Fan bracket and PCI card guide - For use in computers upgraded to use VISUALIZE graphics
A4125-84005Nameplate - 9000 'VISUALIZE' C200 series workstation logo
A4190-00049Captive screw (thumb screw) - 6-32 thread - For securing the main tray in the chassis assembly
A4200-40065EISA board retainer clip - Holds the EISA boards in the backplane slots
A4200-62046EISA slot cover plate (with quarter turn fastener) - Covers empty EISA slot (s) on rear panel - Up to four used
A4200-62054Floppy drive bezel - Complete front panel for the floppy drive - Includes bezel, door, button, & lite pipe - Quartz Gray
A4200-62059Chassis assembly (Quartz gray) - Includes all covers, the light pipe, vented disk filler panels, main tray, disk drive tray, and rear panel assembly (with handle)
A4200-66534Human interface board - Includes power switch, status LED'S, and audio I/O - Human Interface Board - Includes Power Switch, Status LED's, and Audio I/O - Mounts on the Lower Front of the Drive Tray