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Parts for B2600

5183-9500Headphones - With 3m (10ft) straight cable with 3.5mm stereo phone plug, and built-in volume control and stereo/mono mode switch
8120-1378Power cord (Jade Gray) - 18 AWG, 2.3m (7.5ft) long - Has straight (F) C13 receptacle (for 120V in USA, Canada, Latin America, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Brazil, and Vietnam)
A6070-40007Trim Strip - Small blue plastic trim strip that mounts on the bottom of
A6070-62001Chassis assembly - Includes the chassis, the large (92mm) fan and bracket assembly, the small (60mm) fan and bracket assembly, the PCI card cage and retainer, CD-ROM drive tray, and hard drive tray (Does NOT include any PC boards or top cover)
A6070-62004PCI card cage and board retainer assembly (Does NOT include the PCI backplane PC board) - Mounts in the left side of the chassis behind the drive bay
A6070-62006Front Bezel (full) - With molded-in air louvers and cutout for removable media drive (For use with computers with an AC power supply)
A6070-62008Hard drive mounting tray (bracket) with removal handle - Mounts in the bottom front left in the chassis
A6070-62009LCD display and bracket assembly - Mounts to the front of the chassis assembly
A6070-62038Front Bezel (mini) - Covers only the LCD display assembly on the front panel (For use with computers with a DC power supply)
A6077APCI audio sound card kit - Includes the PCI audio sound card, stereo headphones, two sound card to CD-ROM audio cables, and driver software on CD-ROM (for HP-UX 10.20, 11.0, and 11i operating systems)
A7227ADesktop kit - For adding covers to a B2600 computer for desktop use - Includes top and bottom covers, rack slot filler clips, and instructions