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PC Boards and Backplanes for i2000 Workstation

A6037-69510Processor board - Has sockets for two Itanium processors - Processors or power supply pods are NOT included - Plugs into the system baseboard
A6037-69520Memory expansion board - Has slots for eight SDRAM DIMM's and two DC to DC converters - Plugs into the system baseboard
A6037-69530System baseboard - Large board with connector slots for the processor board, the two memory boards, the I/O board, the APG video board, and six PCI boards - Mounts in the far left side of the chassis
A6037-69540I/O Board - Includes the serial port connector, the PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors, the two USB port connectors, the three audio connectors, the LAN connector, and the two internal IDE connectors - Plugs into the I/O slot on the system baseboard