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PC Boards and Backplanes for RX2600

A7231-66510New part for A7231-69512
A7231-66520SCSI backplane board - Has three connectors for hot-swap hard drives
A7231-66530PCI backplane/riser board - Has four PCI slots
A7231-66580Management processor board - For controlling the system console, reset and power management functions - Includes SIO (remote, console and UPS), VGA and LAN connectors
A7231-69512System processor board (Does NOT include the processor or processor power module)
A7784AAudio sound card - Provides 16-bit stereo mic in, headphone out, line in, line out - Requires one PCI slot Includes the audio card, stereo headphones, and internal audio cable - For Windows or HP-UX operating systems - For HP-UX operating system