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Cables for Sun Fire 4800

180-1945 Power Cord IEC320 to AMP Mate-N-Lok, 2M, RoHS:Y
180-2164 IEC 320 C13 to NEMA 6-15P - 10A/250V 2.0M Black, RoHS:Y
530-1351IEC 320 C13 to NEMA 6-15 - 10A/250V 2.0M Black, RoHS:Y
530-1869Serial Port Adapter (Y-Splitter) Cable, 50 cm
530-2869Cluster SCI Cable, 2M
530-2871Cluster SCI Cable, 7.5M
530-2872Cluster SCI Cable, 10M
530-3288 Myrinet 2000 25 Meter Cable
X3901ACluster SCI Cable, 2M
X3903ACluster SCI Cable, 7.5M
X3904ACluster SCI Cable, 10M
X985ASerial Port Adapter (Y-Splitter) Cable, 50 cm