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Cables for ProLiant ML350 G1

159547-B21ProLiant ML350 Internal to External SCSI Cable Option Kit
163351-001SCSI cable - 30-inches long
163353-001Signal cable kit - Includes IDE ribbon (40-position), floppy data ribbon, and signal ribbon cable
166389-B21Ultra3 SCSI drive data cable - Twisted-pair cable with one 68-pin (F) and four 68-pin (F) connectors and an Ultra2/Ultra3 terminator - 1.2m (3.9ft) long - Supports up to four drives
166390-B21Internal Ultra3 SCSI cable - Twisted pair cable with 68-pin (F) to 68-pin (F) connectors, 76.2cm (30in) long
174599-0014-Device LVD Ultra3 SCSI Cable
188596-001Internal/External SCSI cable - 68-pin, Very High Density Cable Interconnect (VHDCI) , 50.8cm (20.0in) long