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Cables for J5000 Workstation

5182-1857Audio cable assembly - For CD-ROM, CD-RW, or DVD-ROM - 4-pin (F) connector to 4-pin (F) connector - 47.8cm (18.8in) long - From CD-ROM drive to system processor board
A4978-63004Ribbon Cable - Data cable for the DDS-3 tape (or floppy) drive and the CD-ROM drive
A4978-63005Drive power cable assembly - Connects from the I/O and PCI backplane PC board assembly to the SCA hard drive interface board, floppy/tape drive bay, and the CD-ROM bay
A4978-63009Ribbon Cable - Connects between the system processor board and the front panel (For the LCD display and power switch assembly)
A4978-89005Flex cable assembly (U-shaped) - From system processor PC board to I/O and PCI backplane board